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Work-life balance. Easier to say than do. But, trust me you don’t need much to help your team find that balance!

Introducing yoga to a corporate environment may seem like a collision of two different worlds, a crazy idea!

But why not calm the mind and relax a little to perform better, to gain focus, to control stress?


Much scientific research has proven that yoga, mindfulness meditation or breathing techniques successfully activate areas of a brain that play an important role in learning, memory and the regulation of complex processes such as inflammation, immunity, mood regulation, stress response, and metabolism.


Considering that your employees are your biggest asset, just think how big of an asset it would

be for your team to be full of focus and creativity, while stress-free?!


My Corporate Yoga classes are designed to take care of mental health and promote your team members to perform better.

There are many options to choose from: classic hatha yoga sessions, guided meditation sessions, pranayama (breathing) sessions, yoga Nidra sessions….. Or individually designed classes.


Get in touch and discuss what’s best for your people. Sample sessions available

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